• The Peculiar Purple Penguin Cover

    Who is the Peculiar
    Purple Penguin?




    The children's book that helps your child calm down from a tantrum/meltdown AND is a fun story to read!,

  • What's this children's book all about?

    Have you ever wondered if you could find a way to help your child calm down more quickly during a meltdown/tantrum?

    In this book, your child will read a fun story of a boy who is looking for the Peculiar Purple Penguin and discovers he calms down during his search for the elusive bird. This is a fun story plus it’s an engaging strategy that just might help a child you love to calm down much faster during their next meltdown!

    (For ages 2-6 years old)

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  • Take a Sneak Peek Inside the Book

    Here are a few pages from the book

    The first time I heard about the Purple Penguin
    Parents asking him if he's seen the purple penguin
    The boy trying to catch the peculiar purple penguin
    The Peculiar Purple Penguin leaves clues, can you guess what they are?
    You can't look for the purple penguin alone, you need help
    Parents, teachers and cool people like that can help you stop your next meltdown/tantrum
  • Arel Moodie and Yolanda Febles, authors of The Peculiar Purple Penguin

    About the Authors

    Arel Moodie (on the left)
    When Arel Moodie isn’t helping his kids find purple penguin clues he can be found giving motivational speeches to schools and businesses or coaching consultants. He is the best selling author of chapter books so he thought it was time to write his first picture book. He also is very much in love with the co-author.

    Yolanda Febles (on the right)
    Yolanda Febles loves eating and cooking delicious food, dancing, and hanging out with her family. She loves figuring out the best way to help young children grow into awesome adults. This is her first picture book. She also loves the co-author very much.

    They wrote this book because it worked for their awesome kiddos and they hope it will work for yours too!

  • Want to get the full story on this children's book?

    Listen to an interview with the co-authors where they break down how they came up with this book, how to use the strategy correctly (and how people could use it wrong) and a hilarious "live" demonstration of the technique in action

  • The Science Behind The Purple Penguin Strategy

    A Fun Book Backed by Research

    The Science behind the Peculiar Purple Penguin Technique
  • Note about the book from the Author
  • Check out some awesome folks reading the book!

    All 5-Star Reviews on Amazon too!

    Picture of families reading The Peculiar Purple Penguin book by Yolanda Febles and Arel Moodie
  • The Inaugural Peculiar Purple Penguin Pursuit Party

    Below is the official list of the first-ever members of the Peculiar Purple Penguin Pursuit Party.  Click on their names to find out more about who they are. 


    Official Pursuit Party Participants

    Patricia Hudak

    Sumaya Kazi

    Jessica Janniere

    Isabelle Hurley

    Evan Franca

    Wilson Muscadin
    Justin Hoch
    Anh Murphy
    Dr. Irum Tahir
    Peaceful Schools

    Hector Sanchez
    Shawn Jackson
    Amanda Fischer

    Renardo Roper
    Jenna Hogan

    Janelle Johnson, LMFT

    Penelope, Mark, Broden & Asher Eisenbies

    Bennie D. Williams

    Yolanda Febles

    Najee Rahman


    Ashley Swartz

    Erica Cohen

    Marc Beckman

    Noemi Febles-Garrido

    Marilyn Miller

    Elizabeth Kessler


    Official Pursuit Party Participants

    Adeel Bashir

    Yang Yang

    Carlos J. Malave

    Malla Haridat

    Congregation Beth Sholom-Chevra Shas of Syracuse, NY

    Gwen Kay

    Hielly Martinez

    Colleen & Anthony Barton

    Gregory DiDona

    College Hunks Hauling Junk

    Sarah and Jason Freed

    Brittany Hodak

    Peter & Brandi Elder

    Dr. Nakia M. Gray-Nicolas

    Rudy Blackman

    My Body Tutor

    Tom Krieglstein

    Marsha and Bob Glatter

    Arel Moodie

    Jen Febles

    Darryl Woods

    Nick Friedman

    MiMe & Leon Johnson

    Mommies of J.E.N

    Dr. Ronda Zelezny-Green

    Diane Sherman

    Josue "JQ" Quinones

    Carissa Berliner


    Official Pursuit Party Participants

    Devika Sanichar

    Sultana Rosario M.A., CCC-SLP

    Ian Watts

    Jennifer Gill

    Esaias & Gian Ortiz

    Sandy Jurkiewicz

    Rebecca Moder

    Matt and Alyssa Moskowitz

    Nina Stemm

    Taris T. Rodney

    Brett King

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    Brett & Darlene Kuipers

    Vikki Irons

    Michale Karl

    Deanna Malyevac

    Kia Loggins

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    Todd J. Duckett & The Duckett Family

    Angelo Mastrangelo

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    Jerry Chen

    Richard Fernandez
    Jill Allen

    Rabbi Andrew and Cantor Paula Pepperstone

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